Sunday, 16 October 2011


I've spent some time now trying to make mantis-me work, trying different poses whilst trying to keep that femme fatale edge.  I'm just not happy with what I've come up with, its just not me.
Jolanta and Tom have both sugested something a bit more physically spliced, and Sammy showed me a picture and a sculpture on Deviant Art which have made me think again.

So here is Photoshop Week 4, which I am not going to use now!


  1. the lower image does look liek you and the pose is binding nice feel around it.

  2. I can see the femme fatalle behind these images.

    The black latex and, from what I can see, the binding together of both arms over the head using something along the lines of a preying-mantis carapace definitely give a bondage feeling to it, which I guess most people would consider to be associated with the idea of a femme fatale.

    Unfortunately, I can't see much preying mantis in these images. :C

  3. Thanks for input!
    Maybe...I might try pose 2 but turn her slightly so you can see something is not quite right about her back, some remnant of an exoskeleton. What do you think?

  4. I too think this pose is brilliant, it is looking like you, but transformation vise, should be more emphasized,

  5. There we go, I should be able to comment now.


    Something like that sounds like a good idea. Perhaps a carapace growing from her skin? Maybe turn her forearms and forelegs into more exoskeletal limbs?

    I've compiled a few reference pictures that might be able to inspire you or give you a few ideas.

    I might even take a crack at a concept sketch for this myself and send it to you. The femme fatalle / mantis idea is brilliant.

    EDIT: I've done a sketch for you, mainly because I was inspired by the concept.