Thursday, 27 October 2011

Artistic Influences 1

Artistic Influences - Space


  1. hey hey my lovely partner. sorry to hear that you are ill, i had wondered where you as i looked but could not see you. so hope you feel better soon.
    hehehe yeh..the man..hehehe funny thing is harf of my stuf was missing :D !!!! funny hu! yeh i thought not. i got my lap top and the scaner/printer so thats helpful, but some programs are missing and the adicturphone is as well so joy. Its good to see even though you are ill you are doing a lot of work already :).
    I my self are doing reviews this weekend as well as some stuff for essasy, done some drawings only like one or two but found a lot of picks for my IMs just need to get it done as cant have you out shining me now can i :)

  2. :) Im back tomorrow so I will be able to hassle you!
    It took me a while to find my way around the mac so don't be surprised if things take longer than you think they should.