Sunday, 30 December 2012


Pic 3, with Bisley's accessories - binoculars and compass because he is really useless at being a hawk.


I've mostly worked in my sketchbook over Christmas (no PC access). I'm amazed at the work coming out of the speed paint challenge, I wanna do it tomorrow! My sidekick character has taken a bit of a twist, having decided (with Justin) that I needed something different to contrast against the main characters. Anything too Dragon will detract from the believability of the already highly fictional storyline. I looked at animals associated with Medieval Pages and found horses, hunting dogs and hunting hawks. A hawk seems just right to sit on the hand of my villain. I'm thinking of a useless hawk, vegetarian with poor eyesight, no sense of direction and scraggly wings. He will need accessories, perhaps a compass and binoculars gathered on his time travels.