Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Happy Endings and the start of something New

It's been an intense and awesome month!

First, graduation... after four years at UCA I have achieved a BA (Hons) First Class Award in CG Arts and Animation!  I've made some good friends, we've laughed and cried together...its been amazing. Aspects of the theory lectures and my dissertation research have made me much more aware and critical of what's around me, and that is a life-changing experience.

After Graduation, some of the class of 2014 took our final year projects to the New Designers Exhibition in London, one of the key shows for design graduates.  Our stand generated lots of interest, and both the awards for animation were won by my class-mates, which I think shows the high standards of our course.

New Designers has been a success for me, both because guests enjoyed "& Son", and because it has generated some potential illustration work for me.  So this is the end of one thing, and the start of something new.  I'm going to continue with this blog rather than start a new "professional" one.  I enjoy being able to reflect on my work, and it's a helpful guide to using 3D software!

As well as blogging, I have a new "professional" website and various other outlets,  so please check them out!

My Website - Chrissie Peters Illustration

My Behance Site

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