I originally trained as a sound engineer and worked extensively for festivals and in technical theatre. Before studying for my degree I took an Access Course at UCA Rochester, in Art and Design. It covered a broad spectrum of art but in Semester Two we were able to concentrate on a particular area. I chose 3D. At this point in my life I had never used a Mac, and was hoping to make some sort of sculpture. After several weeks circling around ideas I had a student teacher in the class who showed me work by early animator Lotte Reiniger. I was enchanted, and decided that was what I wanted to make.

 I am still very proud of this animation; although it is fairly crude it represents a steep 6 week learning curve using SLR cameras, building the lightbox, storyboarding and Photoshop/Premier Pro all while juggling work and kids. By the end of the project I knew I wanted to be an animator!

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