Thursday, 27 October 2011

Artistic Influences 2

Artistic Influences -2


  1. Hey Chrissie! Feeling brave? How about taking Ron Embleton onto the group blog via publishing a 'The Supplement' post? I wasn't familiar with his work at all and it would be great to add him to 'The Supplement' archive - take a look at an existing supplement post - you just need to offer up a bit of context, a nice gallery of representative imagery, and ensure you use the 'The Supplement' label, include the artist's name and add any additional labels that cross-reference, so, for instance 'illustration', CGAA Unit 2, 'environment' and so on. Sometimes, I pop into a post and add some additional labels too - anyway, what do you think?

  2. Ok, I'll have a go! But if you read any kids books or comics at all in the 70s you probably are quite familiar with his work!

  3. Gem Lim is kinda simular. Reminds me of the style of your mantis. Enjoy.