Monday, 17 October 2011

Maya models - magnifying glass and pen

Horrible, horrible Maya :(

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  1. Hey Chrissie,

    Just thought I'd say your welcome for the Maya Stuff. Looks like your getting the hang of it, believe me I have been in your place.

    As I said it's daunting walking in and being told to do something in an app like Maya. You will get there, the only reason I know what I'm doing (somewhat) is because for the 3 years I had been talking Polycounts, vertices, edge loops, etc. with my business partner.

    Keep up the good work and the bottom line is, do your best. To me... time management is a thing I'm always learning, work moves around but as long as at the end you have every box ticked you did your best.

    I went on my Holiday exhausted, I stayed up the entire last night to get phil something for everything. Looking back I have no regrets because I couldnt have done anything more. I worked till the last minute :)

    It probably wasnt my best work but I can accept that I did my best with the time I had, no one can ask anything more... :)

    If you have any questions regardig Maya just let me know Ill be happy to help :)

    P.S. Orlando was amazing, I'll go back there again one day... Hope your enjoying the New Unit... talk to you tomorrow