Saturday, 1 October 2011

Greenlight Review 01/10/2011


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  1. Hey :]

    I see soon you'll have the interim crit from Phil.
    I salut the tidy summary of the pipeline you already have passed and the links to other classes tasks. However, on a general note, a student of visual arts should aim for visuals to do the talking for us. Yes, you used some illustrations, but, I'd suggest to go crazier than that: include influence sheets, reference sheets, scrible and sketch collection, colour palletes, images of books covers you read, snapshots of films.
    It will be tons more engaging and , you be sure to get your idea effectively across to the viewer :]

  2. And here is a general template we on the course as well as industry uses:

    preferably you'd try it in the future :]
    Makes all of it look smart and cool at the same time :D

  3. OGR 03/10/11

    Hey Chrissie,

    It didn't go unnoticed that your OGR was up well in advance, and the succinct summary of your headspace is welcome. JJ - your mentor - is right regarding the importance of always keeping a visual approach in mind. Your blog is a 'shop window' into your creative studio, so keep your browsers engaged! I really like the written aspect of your OGR document - your musings on how the mantis-splice feeds into gender politics and domestic territories. I prefer too the non-centaur approach out of the two ideas, as the 'centaur' idea is actually very conventional and doesn't really require students to think about hybridisation at all as the two components are kept separate. So, yes, I encourage you to continue to develop your 'beautiful, but deadly' approach, and there are a number of references you might find useful: one, you might want to check out the tradition of 'the femme fatale' - a concept associated with 'Film Noir' and also, there's something about the elongation and lines of your more humanoid silhouette that reminds me of the fashion illustrations of Erte and illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley - both working within the 'art nouveau' aesthetic - and for more beautiful, but vaguely sinister females, Klimt might be a useful stopping off point - especially in his jewel-like use of colour (as, let's face it, the mantis is like something dreamed up by a jeweller!).

    in regards to your assignment, I like the clear focus and specific remit; next, your introduction should outline the order of points raised or thematic territories explored; for example "The assignment will first establishes a definition of anthropomorphism, before examining Carter's use of it in.... In conclusion, the assignment will seek to...' etc. Essentially, the introduction should read as mission statement and road map for the argument ahead. If you can establish the parameters here, the clarity of the reading experience will be guaranteed.

    More generally, Chrissie, I'm encouraged by your first two weeks with us on CGAA; your critical voice is coming on in leaps and bounds and your taking on new skills with courage and confidence. For the remaining weeks, seek to work more visually, more confidently, and more prolifically. Let's ensure that 'Chrissie's blog' is a prime destination and role model for others!

  4. Thankyou for the advice!
    I was worried about the written part and tried to spend more time getting that together, and I agree that the visual part has fallen by the wayside. Normally Iwould have read Jolantas criticism and made some changes, but this weekend has been pretty horrible (death in family) and I just haven't had time. I will look at it again tomorrow - is it cheeky to post a second OGR?

  5. hey Chrissie, yep - I know you've been having a crappy time; re. the second OGR, I'd move on to more productive matters - refining that mantis design...