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There are styles of drawing and animation that I particularly like, and that influence the work I am producing.  I have always been fascinated by Lotte Reiniger's paper cut animations. 
Reiniger was one of very few women in the 1920s that was in total control of her own work. She scripted, created the characters, and animated and photographed them to produce her short films at the dining table.  (She eventually cut a hole in the table to make a lightbox and went on to make full-length fairy tale films.)
The cutwork is brilliant, and her use of lighting and tonal shade in the early shorts is amazing.
Adventures of Prince Achmed 1926
Lotte Reiniger - Papageno - 1935

 Lotte Reiniger was herself inspired by watching Chinese shadow theatre as a child.

Although both Reinigers animations and Chinese Shadow Puppetry are suitable for children there is something very gothic and macabre about the colours, scenery, and low-fi filming.
Animations are still influenced by this style – notably Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.

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