Wednesday, 8 February 2012


LOGLINES – possible ideas

A1) Jester on stage juggling
A2) As balls drop & roll away he replaces them with the only available thing - lightbulbs
A3) Removing the last lightbulb plunges the stage & crowd into darkness

A1) Maintenance man wanders on stage
A2) Imagines crowd cheering and juggles trade items inc lightbulbs
A3) Either: reality as crowd fades away OR standing ovation

A1) orchestra pit full of instruments & crowd waiting
A2)Conductor starts but there are no musicians
A3) Conductor runs round playing all the instruments. 
            Possibly lightbulb: high pitch makes them shatter
            OR lights flash with beat or are attached to instruments

A1) Orchestra playing music, note rise up into the air
A2) conductor has to catch and juggle them to play them, horrible cacophony
A3) Resolves as tune emerges OR lightbulb falls into tuba or organ and stops   

1 comment:

  1. Hey Chrissie,

    I think idea 4 is pretty inspired - with the conductor literally juggling the notes that rise up - this feels like something from a 'merrie melodies' 'silly symphonies' or 'happy harmonies' animation - it feels vintage, in the 'rubber hose' tradition - in which everything comes alive and everything contributes.

    If this is the case (and maybe check out a few examples online), then maybe the spot-lights can 'sprint to life' too - maybe, as they flash, they make a sound that contributes to the symphony - or maybe the joke is that a particulary 'high note' is thrown so far up by your conductor that it breaks the light above and so ends the animation?

    It feels to me as if you've got the potential here for a 'musical number' (like something from a Busby Berkeley musical) in which things get abstracted and 'pattern-forming...

    You might also want to look at the opening to the original Fantasia...

    The idea of the conductor juggling musical notes is GREAT! :D