Saturday, 11 February 2012



Instruments are arranged on stage as per standard orchestra.  All action takes place on stage.

Step 1 –Clarence is trying out Flute. The notes rise up.
Sidney clumps on to the stage whistling.
Clarence grumbles and puts the notes back in the flute.

Step 2 – Clarence tries out Clarinet.
Sidney unscrews squeaky Lightbulb and pushes it into his front pocket.
Clarence shakes his head, muttering.

Step 3  As Clarence tunes Violin, Sidney starts sawing  conductor stand with a
Clarence moves to Cello, Sidney takes out a bigger saw.
Clarence starts to angrily pluck Double Bass.  Sidney starts circular saw. Just as Clarence is becoming enraged Sidney cuts through the cord by mistake.
Clarence is relieved and settles to tune percussion.

Step 4 – Clarence tries out Small Drum.
Sidney starts hammering. 
Clarence tries large drum. Sidney turns on small drill.
Clarence bashes away at Cymbal. Sidney goes off but reappears with PowerDrill.
Clarence pulls the plug out.

Step 5 – Clarence tries out Bassoon.  Sidney fiddles with notepad and tape
Clarence moves to Trombone. Sidney mirrors the extension by pulling Squeaky Tape Measure in and out.
Clarence blares into Trumpet. Sidney pops Lightbulb into the cone.
Clarence picks up Tuba and stuffs it over Sidney. 
Finish with all instruments playing except Tuba, which Clarence is using as a stool.

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