Sunday, 8 January 2012

Visual Concept and photo-thumbs

I have changed tack somewhat from my original idea.  Phil felt that a dressing room wasn't uncanny enough and suggested using clowns or different perspectives, which I tried but felt it looked forced rather than uncanny.  So I tried moving it into a stock photo of a wood.
thumb 37

I've now taken the whole dressing table and moved it to a different environment.  I've done this using some of my photos just to speed up the process a bit, but I am thinking of matte painting the background and the forest floor and then building the dressing table and foreground trees in Maya. I've found a web tutorial on Maya trees and it looks achievable.
Thumb 38

Thumb 39


thumb 41

thumb 42


  1. I really like this direction, Chrissie :) I think too, you should go for a suitably theatrical effect - and thereby use the inevitable artificiality of the may trees to your aesthetic advantage.

  2. sorry - 'maya trees' - though 'may tree' had a rather more poetic ring about it :)

  3. May trees are much nicer than Maya trees :D

  4. These are looking great Chrissie!! :)

  5. Yep looking good, good ideas are flowing from your brain, keep it up, and happy new year to you too! it came and went to fast :( always back to work!