Sunday, 8 January 2012

Unit 3 - Thumbs 25-36

I am so far behind...Christmas has shown me just how hard it is to be a "mature student"! 
Anyway, heres to a fantastic 2012 for all of us!
And thumbnails 25-36:


  1. Howdy Miss Chrissie ^_^ Hope you had a good christmas! :) Loving this new direction with the trees! Number 28 stands out to me... it look amazing. The ones with the path seem as if the mirrors meant to be there whereas the others leave it open to the veiwer to decide if the mirrors there by design or something else. Happy New Year ^_^ x

  2. Hiya! Thanks! My favourite is no 28 too :) How are you doing...are you up to date? Going to have a peek at yours now! xx