Monday, 7 November 2011


Ogr Presentation - Space2

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  1. OGR 10/11/2011

    Hey Chrissie :)

    You've been very patient - thank you! Firstly - an authentic OGR that doesn't stint on context or content and reassures in regard to your familiarity with the three stories - and the ideas that bind them. Your written assignment proposal is as reassuring in terms of its remit - and it's clear too that you hit the library early on - yes, books, real books! :)
    Stylistically, I'd just lose the chatty-sounding bit about 'an interesting choice for investigation' from the intro, and include this fact instead as part of your main discussion as part of a bigger point about production design. You can also lose the contextually from 'discussed contextually' because the 'contextual' bit can be presumed.

    It's clear from your thumbnails that your still digesting the technical challenges of 'seeing' these spaces in the abstract. I don't know if you've look already at Nat's blog, but she's been investigating some interesting methods of visualisation - including making mini-sets and taking photographs. One way to start to be able to visualise perspective would simply be to take a camera and start getting all 'expressionistic' in terms of your angles - photographing real spaces, but with an emphasis on mood and composition - likewise, mucking about with lighting and making the camera 'see' ordinary spaces in different ways.

    You know, in terms of the cellar, I think you need to sprinkle some artistic licence liberally about the place - think about combining it with an idea about an attic space - to give yourself more 'clutter' to work with. I must admit, that of all the descriptions from the Shunned House you've isolated, I love the one that describes the way the windows glow with a 'witch light' - I can imagine an exterior view of the house, with all its facade almost uplit by this strange illumination - greenish light from below, blue/silver from the moon from above - could look wonderful!

    (Obviously, nothing like this really, but you get the gist...) Maybe the cellar is a literal 'dead-end' for you, Chrissie - but there is the addition of all those roots too that might proffer some suitably creepy opportunities...

    Certainly - the House on the Borderlands calls for a sense of the epic - and, I'd suggest a theatrical, bold and expressionistic use of colour; sometimes combining bold colours can be a bit intimidating, but these colour scheme design packages might reassure you in terms of combinations:

    I think the Easter Island idea is a good one, Chrissie - worth pursuing.

    The Masque of the Red Death seems almost operatic in its intensity - and as I suggested to Steve Payne, perhaps you might consider looking, not at 'concept art' but rather 'scenic design' - it just seems to me that those spaces in Poe's story are like the pieces of colour glass in a stainglass window themselves - separated up by lines of shadow: Just some images found under 'scenic design'...

    Also there's something about all of these stories that remind me of deChirico...