Tuesday, 1 November 2011


 Above, House on the Borderland.  I particularly want to go with the Easter Island type god-statues (no 1). (No, this wasn't my first idea, I work backwards across the page cos I'm a leftie and I hate smudging my work).
I also like the rocky outcrop in no 24.

 Above, Masque of the Red Death.
This story conjures up fantastic visions of both inside and outside the castle.  Inside the colour and decor should make it look opulent, but I am trying using balconies and stairs to give it a sense of space.  Im not used to working 16:9 and I'm finding it hard not to squash my image. I like 26 and 28 (outside) and 15 (inside).
Above, The Shunned House.  Ive come to a standstill with this one.  The house actually exists so it has either got to be exactly right or completely different to really work.  The cellar is more interesting, but again I am finding it hard to create space without getting boxed into a corner. No 8 could be lit interestingly.


  1. I like 6 and 24 in the upper sheets, and 9 , 26 and 31 in the lower ones. simply because it feels much more like space and not just elements or illustrations.
    Also, I quite like how you begin explore more interesting angles in the very last thumbnails. I'd suggested to keep on that trail , cause it's just more visually excitting, provided it suits the context of the story. .

    Here are some examples of what I mean:

    And this is Leo's, my group partner's concept, which I received as simply stricking :

    Usualy there isn't much of a secret why it is so stricking ( when you know the secret :D )

    Lastly, this is what I found MOST useful when I was doing this unit, it is composition rules. They might contribute to /inspire your workflow

    (photography) composition rules:

    I hope that makes for not being a thorough follower lately (:]

  2. some grate stuff and i am in love with no 19 on the upper sheets as it is fun and to me very pleaseing to the eye :). Oh and very clear too and good to see you are up to date with your reviews.:) good stuff!!!!