Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Its a start!
 I selected a primitive polygon (a cube) and stretched it out
Then split a face and extruded it
The top is bevelled using Chamfer
It is coloured in using Set New Material, Blinn
Rendered and saved as Jpeg.

The background has saved as black making the model look very dark, so I'm going to try playing with lighting next.  Its quite low resolution so I need to look at that as well.


  1. The first of many!

    This one is very Picasso-like. ;-)

  2. Hey Chrissie! (:]

    I got you now ! :D quite literally :D I believe I haven't shook your hand enthusiasticly yet, I'd love you to introduce yourself to me if you spot me at uni.
    Meanwhile I'll be following your creative diary closely and if any queries post with @ Jolanta / @ J.J. and I'll be rushing to help :]