Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Post Two

 I'm still working on my 101 drawings, but playing with scale.
I always find it interesting to add people or objects to give a sense of size, especially where it makes such a difference to the purpose of something.

This one is just a general look at a few more ideas.

Here I'm starting to draw out what I really liked within my concept drawings.  Some of those shapes were so organic and flowed into corals and sea creatures.

Continuing with lifeforms, I'm now starting to flesh out my ideas.  I hate creepy crawlies and generally go for more cuddly shapes but I'm finding its really interesting to try out something a bit nastier.  I'm looking at legs, jaws, teeth, stings, pincers etc. I havent decided yet whether the creature is insect sized or a people-eater!

At this point I got sidetracked with ideas for buildings and some of the shapes on the third picture above.  The third one is a tracing of the second with the edges curved.  I have no idea about drawing in perspective so I'm not sure how I will manage to do a turnaround of this though!


  1. any use, Chrissie?


  2. Hi Chrissie! First off, apologies for not commenting before, I've been psyching myself up to look at other people's blogs XD I really like what you've got going on, particularly the prawn-mosquito (prawnsquito?) on the third image and the last set of structures. If you're worried about the turnarounds, maybe grab some clay and make a mock-up of the form and reference it from several angles? Could be tricky with the structures, so maybe you'd need to just do a section. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. Phil, thanks, yes it was useful. Definitely helped.
    Meg, Hello! I tried the clay mock up and you are absolutely right, made a big difference. Much easier to draw whats really there rather than whats in my head!
    See you on Monday!