Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summer Project 1

I thought I would start with "lifeforms" as I thought it would be easier to draw something organic.  But, having repeated the shapes I can see some lovely ideas for structures and machines forming so I may keep going with those.

Hi to everyone on the course, hope to see you all in September!

First impressions...ideas from the objects

merging different shapes
merging and extending silhouettes

repeating the same shapes over
extending shapes into forms

fitting shapes together. I don't like the mix of structures on the right.

using the shapes to generate new ideas


  1. Hey Chrissie!

    Welcome to the bloggosphere! One of your classmates - Meg - arrived on the scene a few days back and benefited from a rush of advice and well-wishing from the CGAA community; start following Meg's blog - introduce yourself with a link to your own blog, and take a look at the comments; they might prove useful to you too! :D

  2. Hi Chrissie! I'm Molly, I'm about to start my second year on the course. I hope you're enjoying your project and it isn't proving too scary!
    I really like the use of repeated shapes in your work, it's a great way to start seeing the objects for something other than what they are. Keep using those silhouettes and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! :D

  3. Whoop! New people! Excited! Welcome to the course~:D Right first of all I am Andriana and will be moving to second year (already..) and I can see you are already confident about your ideas which is a massive step forward. I remember me being too scared to show my work last year but honestly confidence is really important to this course. I can guarantee you are going to have a lot of fun since you are already enjoying the summer project. Your silhouettes are looking very good and you have come up with all sorts of shapes. Try combining them and see what you can come up with next. Oh and I can see most of your creations remind me of sea creatures? You can look into them too and maybe combine them or get any ideas for more shapes. Keep going and see you in September! ;)

  4. Hi Chrissie! I'm Charlotte and am about to start the scary 3rd year. Good to see you posting your work on the blog :-D. Really liking the different unusual shapes your coming up with. Remember to never be afraid to upload whatever you do. Also don't be afraid to ask questions :-D. Look forward to meeting you when we return.

  5. Hey Chrissie, near 2nd year here. Great positive start here :P The creatures derived from those wonderfully organic vases are lovely. Looking forward to seeing more!!!

  6. Hi Chrissie, I'm Paul and i'm moving into my 2nd year. Just wanted to welcome you to the course and reiterate all of the above. Especially what Lev said about posting everything. I was apprehensive about it too but it really does help and is a great way to brainstorm and develop ideas! look forward to meeting you and the rest of your class mates soon! you will have a blast!

  7. Just wanted to say thankyou for all the welcoming posts :) Especially from higher years, I don't feel quite so lowly now!

    I'm not very confident about posting my work (I've been out of education a long time) but I've just done the access course in 3D at Rochester. I was working part time alongside the diploma full-timers, and found it really helpful to look at their work and show them mine for pointers.