Monday, 12 March 2012

unit 5 - logline, premise,& step outline (drafts)

The Jubilant Pillar Box


  1. Hey hey, with your scribd posts, they are somewhat distorted. This is solvable by saveing it fisrt as a pdf then upload to scribd.

    Also Im likeing you Bio's and your time mehine ogr.

    Keep it up and have a nice day now!

  2. Hey Chrissie, I love your premise!! sounds really appealing!! This story sounds more better than the other one! :D Can't wait to see your character designs!! :D

  3. Hey Chrissie,

    I'm just thinking about all those humans in your animation... I'm wondering if maybe you could accomplish a lot of it with footsteps - and then just have hands appearing in a sort of close-up when you need them. Also - have you considered maybe staging it so that we hear approaching footsteps, and we see the postbox anticipating receiving a letter - only for the person to pass, and we see the postbox sigh; this could repeat a number of times (using SFX, and just the pillarbox reacting) - you could even include the original dog wee gag - again using sound, footsteps, a bark of the dog, then we see from the pov of the pillar box a puddle at its base - and then, finally, a letter gets posted, and then we see the cartwheeling pillar box as scripted? I'm just thinking of you really and the visual pleasures of this kind of economy of staging...

  4. Sounds really good and the way you have set this out is really professional :) The hole sound effects (states by Phil) would be a good idea, I can imagine a post box just waiting to get all those nice letters ;) The dog gag as Phill said could still be in it, I was thinking of when the guy takes the letters away and it becomes somewhat sad the dog enters and pees and then disappears as it is eaten. Then the post box being happy once more.